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Filters 99.99% of microbes and chemicals
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Imagine: you are travelling or on an outing and you are thirsty, but there is no drinkable water anywhere near you. In that case, the Puritii Water Bottle, including a powerful water filter, is the perfect solution. Both water from ditches and freshwater lakes can be filtered up to 99.99% with the bottle – a unique and sustainable concept like no other!

The Puritii Water Bottle

The filter of a Puritii Water Bottle can – among other things – filter chemicals, hormones, pesticides, drug residues and waste from water. You can refill your bottle as often as you like and continue to enjoy perfectly purified water with every sip.

Additional advantages are that you will never have to pay a deposit on your bottle and will not pollute nature with disposable plastic bottles. In other words: a double win. Countless customers have already been convinced by those benefits; why wait?

VAT included

€ 105,-

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What customers think of Puritii

Below you can have a look at the customer rating of the Puritii Water Bottle and thoughts on my service. Are you the next satisfied consumer?

“I lived in Nepal, South Asia, for two years and did fifteen treks there, 1.5 weeks average each. I got the Puritii bottle from an acquaintance and it is a must have for anyone who goes hiking in areas without clean drinking water! Previously, I always took chlorine drops with me to make my water drinkable, but then you have to wait half an hour and the bottles of chlorine often leaked in my bag. Sometimes they ran out and I had no way of getting drinking water, as those chlorine drops or tablets are not available in the villages. The Puritii bottle causes none of these problems, I can keep using it as long as I am trekking. I also heard that it has better filters than the Lifestraw version.”

Convinced by the advantages of a Puritii Water Bottle?

Order your sustainable water bottle today!

Shipping in the Netherlands & abroad

Would you like to purchase a durable Puritii Water Bottle? Feel free to give me a call or send an email to request your quote. The basic price for a 740ml bottle (with filter) is €105.00 including VAT. I can easily ship your bottle throughout the Netherlands, charging a shipping cost of €7.50.

If you buy five bottles or more, I will even send your order for free. Should you wish to have your bottle delivered abroad, just send me a message for the specific shipping costs.

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